Quarantine: My my mother has corona
By Mark Heintz
Apr 29, 2020


Day 148 of student voice

Student voice provided by Emyly


My mom has the virus too.

While my dad is doing great recovering at home my mother is now the sick one. The test results came back today. My parents unfortunately think that my sister has it too.

Their main goal is to keep me safe now since I don’t have any symptoms. I know it’s for my own good but I feel useless and knowing I can’t do anything sucks.

The same routine of being stuck in these four same walls is getting so boring. But I know we’ll get through it eventually. We’ve gotten so much support from loved ones and friends. From church, literally the next day we found out my dad had it, they gave us some groceries and fruits which we enjoyed so much.

Then, later that same day we got a call from Mr. Galarza. The amount of help this man gave is incredible. He bought us the groceries we needed and a lot of other help. Also just minutes ago my aunt who owns a restaurant dropped off a case of warm freshly cooked food for us. It was the best thing I’ve eaten in these past weeks.

Other family members have helped by delivering stuff to us and doing a bunch of little things that help so much during these times. All we can do is wait for this to be over. Although it seemed annoying before

I miss the times when my mom would hug me till I can’t breathe. I miss when my dad would ask for the remote control even when it was next to him. I miss teasing my sister for no reason (I still do it over text sometimes). Thank you to everyone that has helped. I know we’re gonna get through this. Stay home and take care of your loved ones.






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